Social Media Policy

For the purpose of this policy, social media is defined as ‘any conversation or activity that occurs online (using any electronic device) on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or similar, where people can share information or data that might impact on Ground Masters or the people who use our services’.


Inappropriate use of social media includes, (but not limited to):

  • Using discriminatory, defamatory, abusive or otherwise objectionable language

  • Stalking, bullying, trolling or marginalising any individual or group

  • Accessing or uploading pornographic, gambling or illegal content, including extreme images of graphic content (blood and gore etc) or information regarding activity relating to firearms, bombs, terrorism etc

  • Accessing sites that promote hatred or extreme/fundamentalist beliefs and values

  • Uploading information of a confidential nature, especially in regards to Ground Masters services, clients or other employees

  • Hacking or attempting to infiltrate the systems of Ground Masters or another organisation

  • Criticising or denigrating Ground Masters, or other organisations, and our/their Employees/Management.

  • Activity that interferes with work commitments

  • Activity that uses excessive bandwidth, either uploading or downloading, within the Ground Masters network

  • Activity that brings Ground Masters Management or employee’s professionalism or ability to act in a professional manner into disrepute


Use of social media is strongly prohibited during working hours.  If an employee is found using social media during working hours, Ground Masters Management will take necessary disciplinary action.


If complaints or negative comments regarding Ground Masters are made by the public through social media channels, all Ground Masters employees are strongly prohibited from arguing or refuting complaints or negative feedback through social media channels. This behaviour can antagonise or fuel further attacks on Ground Masters services and/or reputation. 


In the event of a complaint or negative comment, it is important for employees to advise Ground Masters Management immediately who will choose the appropriate action/response.


If an employee of Ground Masters is found to be placing negative comments or complaints about Ground Masters, their workplace, their workmates or Management on social media, this will be treated very seriously and will result in Ground Masters Management taking necessary disciplinary action. 


Misuse of social media can have serious consequences for Ground Masters and our reputation, andconsequently misuse can have serious consequences in terms of disciplinary action for employees.

Ground Masters Management will be ensuring adherence to the Social Media Policy by their employees. 

If a breach of this policy is suspected or identified, a range of disciplinary action as follows, will be considered by management, according to the severity of the offence.


  • Verbal warning

  • Written warning

  • Employee placed on probation period (with or without warning)

  • Dismissal

This policy shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals.

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director

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