Fitness For Work Policy

Ground Masters are committed to achieving a safe work environment for all their employees, contractors and clients. Ground Masters recognises the ‘fitness for work’ is a major component of achieving such a goal. Management believes that factors including:

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Drugs (prescription and recreational)

  • Alcohol, and

  • One's emotional state

Can affect a person’s wellbeing and work performance, which will ultimately affect workplace safety.

As a means of ensuring personnel are fit for work, Ground Masters undertake to:

  • Train personnel in regards to the dangerous effects the above factors can have.

  • Encourage all employees to communicate their personal state.

  • Ensure employees work conditions and hours of employment will not adversely affect fitness for work.

  • Prohibit personnel from being on a Ground Masters work site if they are deemed to be unfit for work.

  • Prohibit personnel from being on a Ground Masters work site if they have tested positive to drugs or alcohol until a negative result can be achieved.

  • Encourage rehabilitation and treatment for any employee who indicates they have a drug, alcohol or other dependency that affects their fitness for work.

  • Provide means for employees to declare themselves as unfit for work without fear of retribution.

This policy shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals.

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director

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