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Last updated Wednesday 25 March 2020

Instruction / Direction from Professional Sources


In the case of COVID 19, Ground Masters is currently fully operational, though we would ask clients and the general public to telephone or contact us via email rather than visiting our premises in person, unless absolutely necessary.


We are relying on information from The World Health Organisation, the Australian Government Department of Health and the Western Australian Government in regard to contagion management strategies.We will abide as much as possible by directions given by Australian authorities.


Latest Bulletins at the time of writing are available on links hereunder:

In the event of other infectious diseases that may put the workforce at risk, Ground Masters will seek the best advice and direction from professional specialists available at the time, and update this response accordingly.


Personal Hygiene


The maintenance of hygienic and safe health regimes is every person’s individual responsibility.

Personnel need to practice good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene and keep their distance from others particularly from others who may be sick.  Distancing from a risk is the best defence against most contagious and infectious conditions.


Other than distancing from a risk, to prevent contagion and protect each individual and their colleagues, employees are instructed to:

  • Keep Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in good, clean condition (particularly gloves and headwear) and remove it from common areas. Not to leave masks, gloves and headwear on shared surfaces.

  • Wash their hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating.

  • Wipe down toilet seats and buttons before and after use with disinfectant and toilet paper.  Flush toilet paper used for this purpose.

  • Wash their hands with soap and water after using the toilet.

  • Wash their hands frequently as a preference, or use alcohol sanitizer or wipes, after coming into contact with any shared surfaces including doors, counters, vehicles, tools, etc

  • Turn away from others and cover any cough and/or sneeze by using a tissue if possible, and wash their hands thereafter. If unable to reach a tissue, sneeze into their elbow.

  • Dispose of wipes and tissues immediately after use by placing them preferably in an airtight or sealable container.

  • Try not to touch mouth or face with hands.

  • Not greet people by shaking hands, hugging or kissing.

  • Avoid any physical contact with others (stay more than 2 metres from other people).

  • Wash clothes frequently.

  • Exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures.

  • Use aids (eg face masks and disposable gloves) to distance body parts from possibly contamination.


Workplace Hygiene


Ground Masters has a workplace that encompasses not only fixed premises but also shared tools, shared fleet machines and vehicles.  The maintenance of a hygienic and safe workplace is also every person’s individual responsibility.

  • In addition to normal cleaning maintenance by cleaners, in all shared areas GM will provide the means for employees to wash or wipe hands and wipe surfaces before and after use.

  • GM urge personnel to embrace the need for vigilance against possible contamination and to practice regular hand washing, washing of cups and/or utensils in hot soapy water, and wiping down of surfaces.  Surfaces include door handles, food container items (milk, coffee, sugar etc) doors, desk tops and counter tops, arms of chairs, water cooler taps, etc.

  • Each person should wipe down the items as they are used and leave shared areas in the most hygienic condition possible.

  • Dispose of one-use cleaning items (paper towels, tissues, wipes etc) into containers provided.

  • Our fleet machines, vehicles and tools are areas of risk for contamination.

    • The means to wipe hands and wipe surfaces (steering wheels, lever controls, two way handpiece etc) have been placed into machines and vehicles.

    • A wipe down of all shared surfaces should be completed by the employee on entry and exit of any vehicle.

    • Hand tools should also be wiped down before and after use.

    • Sheet paper will be used as a hygiene barrier on vehicle seats. After the wipe down of surfaces as employees exit a vehicle, the sheet paper can be used to wrap and contain the other disposable hygiene aids, before disposal.



Spatial Management

Ground Masters recognise that it is difficult in many on-site circumstances, for personnel to place physical distance between themselves and other individuals, with whom they need to communicate on a professional or social level.  We urge all personnel however to avoid physical proximity to colleagues, associates or clients whenever possible. 

  • Use technology (telephones, online options etc) to ‘meet’ and communicate as a preference to attending meetings in person.

  • Until further notice, meetings will be conducted informally in the open space of the shed, or in the open air (depending on weather). 

  • Personnel will be instructed to self-monitor numbers congregating in the communal areas of our premises and avoid over-crowding.

  • The administrative offices at GM premises are well ventilated and there is sufficient floor and desk space for the current staff to be separated at acceptable distances.However entrances other than the reception entrance will be locked.  Essential visitors only will be admitted to office areas and will be directed via the reception entrance.  The meeting room can be utilised if needed for maximum of 2 - 3 person meetings.

  • Only one driver will be allowed to travel in any fleet vehicle.If there are insufficient fleet vehicles to individually mobilise the workforce to any site, employees may be asked to transport themselves to and from sites in their own vehicles.  Ground Masters will seek the understanding and co-operation of the workforce in this regard.


Attendance Management

  • Employees are encouraged to practice voluntary social isolation in response to any contagious or infectious health threat to individuals or to the community at large.  For an individual this means refraining from taking part in any non-essential travel, sport, professional, educational, recreational or community gatherings, social gatherings (including large family gatherings) or other meetings of groups of people where contagion could be transmitted.

  • A member of personnel who shows symptoms of any sickness that may be contagious and/or infectious should not report to the work premises or other work sites but should contact the Managing Director on 0417 937 554 or their own supervisor immediately upon manifestation of the symptoms.

  • The protocol thereafter will be dependent on Australian Government guidelines at the time and best practices recommended by the medical fraternity but typically will include a period of self-isolation, consultation with a medical professional, evidentiary verification of illness and time off work.

  • Currently in regard to COVID19, such self-isolation should be instigated for a period of 14 days under the following circumstances;

    • If within the past 2 weeks the individual has returned from any overseas country

    • If the individual has come in to contact with a person who has tested positive to COVID 19

    • If the individual is displaying symptoms of a cold or flu.

  • Working from Home may be possible for some staff.

  • In regard to a person testing positive to an infectious disease, the employee will be required to follow the Australian Government’s guidelines for that particular type of infection.


Communication and Information


Ground Masters management welcome the input of all personnel and associates into the further development of a Contagious Infectious Management Plan in the Workplace.

Please discuss with us any perceived shortcomings in our current strategy and contribute freely your ideas on a way to go forward, not only with protocols for COVID19 but with any protocol affecting health and safety.

We undertake to continue open and respectful communication on all matters affecting our workforce

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