Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Ground Masters is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to providing an environment in which all of our people are treated with respect and are able to develop to their full potential and contribute to the success of the company.  Ground Masters will take all reasonable steps to ensure that employees are able to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment or any form of victimisation. 

Ground Masters assesses against a standard of skill and ability of job requirements, evaluating prospective employees and deciding on promotions using a process which is open, fair and based on merit. 

To realise these responsibilities, Ground Masters will:

  • Conduct our business activities without regard to sex, race, age, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibility or status, religious and/or political conviction, impairment, gender history, sexual orientation or any other factor which is unrelated to the employee’s performance, position and their ability to perform and develop in the work place.

  • Provide access to relevant training and development opportunities.

  • Demand leadership in social responsibility from all our employees.

  • Assess our performance against our policies and standards.

  • Ensure that discrimination, harassment and intimidating behaviours of any kind, including bullying, are to be deemed as unacceptable practices which are contrary to the spirit and intent of this policy.

  • Provide equal access to fair, prompt and confidential processes to deal with complaints and grievances.

This policy shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals.

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director

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