Drug & Alcohol Policy


Ground Masters recognises that alcohol or drug misuse will impair an individual’s ability to perform work safely. It is the policy of the company to protect its employees, assets, the community, and the environment in which it operates, from hazards arising from alcohol or drug misuse in the workplace.


Consequently, Ground Masters requires the performance of its current employees and contractors to be unimpaired by drugs or alcohol while performing work duties at Ground Masters workshop or on related client sites.


Any employee found to be in breach of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action per the procedures outlined below.


  • Employees who have been with Ground Masters for less than six months and return a positive Drug or Alcohol result may be terminated immediately.

  • Employees who have been with Ground Masters for more than six months will be dealt with at the discretion of the Managing Director.  He may immediately terminate employment following non-conformance with this policy, as determined by the seriousness of the circumstances.  Or in some circumstances, the employee will be stood down immediately and may not return to work until they can provide, at their own cost, a clean Drug and Alcohol screen provided by an acceptable third party health provider.


Loss of drivers licence due to alcohol or drug use is likely to result in termination.


Ground Masters will conduct four types of drug and alcohol testing of its workforce, being:

  • Pre-employment testing – carried out prior to commencing employment with the company;

  • Regular testing to obtain access to client’s premises (as required by their site entry procedures);

  • Random testing of individuals or the entire workforce to determine compliance with the above policy;

  • Cause testing because of information that may suggest an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This may also include post-incident testing of an employee where drugs or alcohol is suspected to be a causative factor in an incident (i.e. loss of control of a work vehicle).


All drug and alcohol testing will be conducted by external third party health providers (i.e. Boulder Medical, Complete Occ Health) with analysis carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard (AS 4308).


This policy shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals.

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director

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