Environmental Policy

Ground Masters believes that effective environmental management is an integral part of being a well managed business and service provider.

We commit to continual improvement in our performance, to minimising the impact on the immediate environment, and we aspire to gain a competitive advantage as a business and service provider by fulfilling the environmental policy expectations of our clients.

Ground Masters will comply with the legal and regulatory license requirements of our clients.

Wherever we operate we will:

  • Integrate environmental awareness into all of our projects & continuously improve that awareness by formulating, communicating and monitoring clearly-defined goals

  • Provide adequate training to enable employees to recognise the potential impact of their activities and monitor the state of the environment throughout the project

  • Endeavour to minimise the consumption of energy and raw materials, whilst also minimising the production of waste and residual products.  Waste management is considered an essential part of maintaining a well managed work area and hence, providing an exemplary service to our clients

  • Fostering and maintaining an open and effective relationship with all interested parties.

  • At a minimum, comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

This policy shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals.

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director


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