Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Policy

Ground Masters regards sexual harassment and discrimination as a serious contravention of the nation’s legislative guidelines as well as a violation of the company’s principles pertaining to mutually respectful relationships as outlined in its mission statement.

The company supports the rights of individuals to be free from harassment (including that of a sexual nature) while engaged in activities undertaken as part of their employment, or in other associations with Ground Masters. The company undertakes to promote a workplace environment in which all employees, associates and visitors will be free from harassment, oppression and bias whether it be of a gender, sexual, social, racial, cultural, religious, political, physical or otherwise nature.

Ground Masters acknowledges that sexual harassment does not refer to behaviour that is mutually acceptable to the parties involved. Friendships (whether sexual or otherwise) are a private concern. Sexual harassment will be defined as unwelcome sexual behaviour or innuendo that has the effect of offending, intimidating or humiliating a person or as otherwise defined by legislation currently in place.

The company will take all reasonable steps to eliminate such harassment of or by employees, contractors, or visitors of the company’s worksites.

The company considers appropriate behaviour to be behaviour which respects the rights and sensitivities of all people in it immediate province of operations.

All individuals have a responsibility to contribute towards an environment of trust and respect which forms the basis of appropriate professional relationships.

This policy shall be reviewed at regular and planned intervals.

Robert Wakefield, Managing Director

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